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GraphiXT is a data analysis software and numerical computing environment. The original purpose of GraphiXT was to facilitate study of time dependences (i.e., kinetics) of a large number of physical quantities that are related to each other. Consequently, graphs displayed by GraphiXT are of two types: graphs of functions f(t), whose argument is time (t), and graphs of functions f(x, t), whose arguments are coordinate (x) and time (t). However, the actual meaning of function arguments is up to the user. GraphiXT.exe can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with plug-ins that solve kinetic equations describing a particular physical system. Currently, there is one such plug-in, which is designed to simulate charge carrier kinetics in multi-layer systems. That plug-in consists of two files the function file CarrierFunc.dll and the parameter editor file CarrierParms.exe.

The GraphiXT software package has been developed by Andrius Poškus (Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics) as an educational tool for the graduate course "Numerical simulation of charge transport processes". It can also be used as a scientific research tool. Here are some features of GraphiXT: Operating system: Windows XP SP2 or a newer Windows version.

Current version numbers and build dates:
GraphiXT.exe (2015-09-14)
CarrierFunc.dll (2013-07-11)
CarrierParms.exe (2013-10-20)

GraphiXT is freeware. The download links are below:

The installer GraphiXT_setup.exe (file size 10 MB) including the complete software package, documentation and sample projects (updated on September 14, 2015)
GraphiXT User's Manual in PDF format (updated on February 23, 2015)
Charge Transport Simulator User's Manual in PDF format (updated on April 9, 2014)

List of changes in the main GraphiXT executable in PDF format (updated on September 14, 2015)
List of changes in the GraphiXT plug-in for simulating charge carrier kinetics in PDF format (updated on October 20, 2013)

GraphiXT is constantly being improved. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome. Please e-mail them to andrius.poskus@live.com.

Andrius Poškus

September 14, 2015